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Working for the Sports Council

Recently, I heard my friends on the volleyball team being upset about how quiet the sports hall was during important matches, even the home games. They were sad to see that the stands were empty because they had pride in representing our school and wanted the support of other students. What was the problem? It was simply students not being aware of the games. It was strange that most of the students didn't know when or where these matches were. This was made worse by the fact that the school sports council system, which should have dealt with these kinds of problems, had been abandoned by the upperclassmen. 

With my self learnt skills in photography and designing tools (Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop), I decided to start working as a one man team for the Sports Council Media and Marketing team. This week I designed a new logo, created the rosters, match schedules, and results post for the abandoned social media account. I also went to today's volleyball match to capture footage, and unfortunately my wrist could not bear 3 hours of carrying the heavy camera.

I think I might continue my job as the lead of media and marketing for our school's Sports Council— in fact, I love my job— because I find it very rewarding after seeing our school athletes being proud of themselves representing our school. I also feel like I can use this opportunity to develop my skills in photography and design by helping others— it's like catching two birds with one stone!

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