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A Logo that Speaks Volumes

Today, I finished the 12 week process of designing a logo for Primate Portal, a collective research team based in the Rochester Institute of Technology and Carnegie Mellon University. Our designing team contributed in a noteworthy research initiative of the researchers, where they particularly delved extensively into the realm of primate education by developing educational applications.

Logos have always played a crucial role in effectively communicating the core message of the brand it represents. When creating the logo for Primate Portal, our main goal was to capture the concept of educating primates. To bring our vision to life, we turned to two exceptional design tools - Rhino and Blender. Rhino is widely used for its exceptional accuracy in intricate 3D modelling. It played a crucial role in creating the essential elements of the logo, guaranteeing flawless geometry and meticulous attention to detail. Blender is widely regarded as a leading open-source 3D content creation platform. It allowed us to bring our designs to life by adding animation, textures, and lighting, giving them a sense of depth and dynamism. 

I, as someone who appreciates the subtleties of minimalist design, strived to adhere to a similar aesthetic. Kiha from Walnut Hill School for the Arts brought a rich understanding of art and a talent for creating powerful and evocative imagery. Yoonha from St Paul Preparatory Seoul brought a fresh perspective to our collaborative efforts, with a keen eye for detail and a renewed passion for design. Our unique experiences came together, creating a powerful force.  Collaborative discussions were held, designs created, and revisions were carefully reviewed, all while dealing with the difficulties of different time zones. Throughout the 12 weeks, we worked as a team to teach each other and to create two prototypes. Imagine a fascinating partnership that brought together the unique skills of three graphic designers from across of the world! 

The first prototype drew inspiration from the complex neuron networks found in the primate cerebrum, combined with digital strands that represent the innovative applications at the core of the portal.

The second prototype showcased a captivating visual depiction of the head of an ape. Creating the Primate Portal logo was an exciting blend of global teamwork, cutting-edge design software, and a deep commitment to crafting a meaningful symbol.

We were filled with so much pride over our journey and the incredible prototypes we were able to create. Whether you're someone who loves design, has a soft spot for primates, or simply enjoys learning about the creative process, I hope you found this glimpse into the creation of the Primate Portal logo interesting. We were all eagerly anticipating which prototype would be chosen in the end!

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