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After My Visit to the George Condo Exhibition

Updated: Oct 14, 2023

Recently visiting the George Condo exhibition, taking place at The Page Gallery in Seong su-dong, a number of very impressive works of George Condo provoked my interest in his art pieces. George Condo is an American contemporary visual artist who has emerged since the 1980s. Condo’s works are known for their mixture of chaos and beauty, and he argues that the potential of art is not to invent but to reconstruct and innovate.

His portraits are reminiscent of Picasso's Cubism, but there are subtle differences. Condo calls it “psychological cubism” to capture various emotions drawn inside a human being. He focuses on expressing the emotions of the figure in his work with various facial expressions and gestures and then merging them into one place. If you take a look closely at the overlapping figures, you can find human-like figures expressing countless emotions such as joy, anger, and sadness.

The "Stuck Inside of Bozo'' series, which Condo worked on in 2005, are a series of motifs from places he frequently visited when he lived in the Memphis area of the United States. Condo used nine canvases containing his memories from Memphis, including the American grocery store Piggly Wiggly, his favorite blues artist Al Green, and the restaurant Green Beetle. In this exhibition, all nine pieces were displayed, along with other works such as the cartoon abstraction series and his bronze sculpture series.

Among all the breathtaking works of George Condo, the piece that captured my eye instantly was the "Red and Green and Purple Portrait'', which he worked on in 2019.

This painting seems to have the power to overwhelm the audience with not only the shape of the character but also with the colours used. Red is the representative color of desire and passion, while the faded purple and green feel somewhat calm and moderate. Condo seems to have tried to express mixed emotions by using contrasting colours such as red and green. Overall, this painting, which contains various psychological states of the human with gregarious shapes, colour and texture, was the best of the George Condo Exhibition in The Page Gallery.

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