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At the Korea International Art Fair

Updated: Nov 5, 2023

First opened in 2002, the Korea International Art Fair, also known as KIAF, was held from October 13th to the 17th, where it showcased globalized contemporary art, and let visitors closely examine the trend of the art market. At KIAF 2021, a total 170 galleries from 10 different countries participated, and this heat has proven that KIAF is one of Asia's largest art shows.

I was worried about what I could do in this big event, and thankfully the gallerists of The Page Gallery helped me with organizing the pieces digitally and filming the booth with a VR programme for those who could not attend the art fair to access it on web. I was at the booth for about 3 hours, and to conduct market research, I went around the whole fair to take a look on which galleries participated and what pieces they have brought. There were many pieces from hot trending artists such as Kaws, Banksy, Takashi Murakami, Nam June Paik, and so on. The Perrotin Gallery, one of the biggest galleries that came to KIAF, showcased large pieces of Takashi Murakami and definitely pulled the attention of visitors.

Back at our booth, B19, I made sure no one was taking photos of the pieces hung up on the walls or touching them, destroying the artistic value each pieces had. After the art fair was closed, I also had another opportunity to record an audio docent for the VR clip we filmed. This time, it was much swifter for me to make a script, briefly explain the artist's bio and about the painting, and weave it into a 30 minute long audio guide. It was another very memorable experience, and I think I would be absolutely happy to record an audio docent guide every time there is an exhibition at The Page Gallery!

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